New Homes in Orlando

There are several local and national builders and they continuously keep building homes and they try to suit the local and market needs.  They are moving towards accommodating in some cases all 3 generations which is kids, parents and grand-parents.

One trend I have seen is to have a Master Bedroom on first floor.  Also accommodate a 3 car garage since there may be more than 2-5 people would be living under the same roof and will most likely have at least 3-5 cars either in the garage or in the drive way.

Some are building only one story house so there is no need to climb and go upstairs.  This is most suitable who are scaling down from bigger homes to smaller homes and getting older who may have climbing issues.

We work with most builders and have relationship with them.  I get regular emails showing inventory homes that came on the market and new sections of the builders location being approved for current and future building.

Here are some of the national builders.  Please call me for more info on new homes.